1 & 1 IONOS MyWebsite Website Builder Review


1 & 1 MyWebSite is a drag-and-drop website builder from German web hosting giant 1 & 1 IONOS. The MyWebsite Starter Plan covers the basics of personal sites. You get unlimited pages and web space, a simple built-in blog, limited SEO settings, and website backup and restore.

To start

Yes that’s right, you can start building your site for as little as $ 1 in the first month. (Image credit: 1 & 1 Ionos)

After registering and submitting your credit card details, you can choose your domain (it is included in the price of the first year and, like all other services of this type, is not part of the guarantee. reimbursement).


Here are the prices, without store (Image credit: 1 & 1 Ionos)

Packages and prices

The first month is heavily reduced for all IONOS plans. There are three available, each with an option for an online store at an additional cost. All plans are payable 12 months in advance.

The cheapest is called ‘Entrance‘to $ 5 per month (the first month costs $ 1, and adding an online store increases the price to $ 12 for all subsequent months). It includes your domain name, as well as your email. It’s designed with speed in mind, letting you use and customize templates so your business can get online quickly.

Then is’More‘to $ 10 per month (the first month costs $ 5, and adding a store increases the price of the other months to $ 20). It offers more customization tools than “Starter”, lets you edit HTML and CSS, adds support for multilingual sites, and lets you include video backgrounds and animations.

Finally we have ‘Pro‘to $ 15 per month (the first month is $ 10, and adding a store increases the initial price to $ 25 and the full price to $ 35). The main addition is the delivery and personalization of targeted content.


IONOS has a bunch of cute responsive templates (Image credit: 1 & 1 Ionos)


The interface is simple and you can choose from hundreds of responsive templates. These are grouped by topics or you can search the collection by keyword, and most of our test searches returned many attractive designs.

If you prefer to start from scratch, you can select a blank template instead. You still get all the basic layouts, but no graphics. These could make it easier to create your own vision, as you are no longer distracted by the large photo of a dog, a skier, a pizza or whatever is stuck on the front page of an ordinary model.

Click a template thumbnail and you can view larger images of the desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the sites. Unfortunately, and unlike most of the competition, there doesn’t seem to be an option to preview the template as an active site in your browser.


IONOS comes with all the features you would expect including blogging and an online store (Image credit: 1 & 1 Ionos)


Depending on the plan you choose, you have two different editors called Now and Creator. Now is designed to be quick and easy, with limited options to get you up and running quickly. It looks simple and clean, and you can create something quite beautiful in no time.

If you want more control, you have to go for a plan that offers Creator. It has a very professional look and feel. A preview of your website allows you to click and edit images, text, and more. A toolbar lets you add content, change layout options, and customize site-level settings. You can choose the page you want to work on, define a display type (desktop, tablet, mobile), cancel the current action, preview the site and publish it when you finished.

There are a lot of features that we liked, like the ability to add your own images, or stock images, if you prefer. There are also many tools available for editing images, which is not a feature found in most website builder services and is welcome – it saves you the trouble of having to detour around an image editing app, keeping you on the site you’re recreating and helping you stay focused.

We found a fair amount of useful and well-designed context menus. This included standard options to replace the image, customize its layout, change the alignment, or copy the image to the clipboard. An animation tool allows the addition of custom animations, such as fading the image from the left or bouncing it from the right. We were able to selectively hide the object on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, an extremely powerful feature. Experts can even edit the object’s HTML and CSS code, providing detailed, low-level control over functionality.

It may seem overwhelming to less experienced users, but you don’t have to use this feature if you don’t want to, and there are plenty of features available, basics like editing, adding, and deleting. from links, to format change, to style customization (borders, shadows, rounded corners) and add a range of hover effects, without ever needing to see a single line of code.

The competition

The blogging tool is a feature that sets the 1 & 1 IONOS builder apart. It comes with a simple blogging platform that can be added to your site in seconds. Exceptionally, this does not require you to start with a blank template. If you have an existing blog, point IONOS to its RSS feed and it will be able to import your Disqus articles, images and comments, ideal for ensuring a smooth migration from your old host. There are many different website builders (Webs.com, RIVYT, Odoo, and DreamHost). But not all website builders have blogging tools with multiple features.

Final verdict

It’s a bit more expensive than some, but IONOS’s attractive templates, well-designed editor, and powerful bonus features make it easy for anyone to build professional, feature-rich websites.

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