4 websites you can use to build your own free website


Many of us go into freelance work and sometimes one of the most professional things to have is your own website. As a beginner, it can cost a lot more than what you can afford. So here are some websites that allow you to set up your own website for free in Kenya.

1. Webnode

Webnode is, in short, a very modern and professional website builder and editor. The themes they added are stylish and responsive. Working with Webnode is very intuitive.

Webnode offers a low cost variant at KES 400 per month. This basically allows you to use a domain name you already own and contact their premium support. Unfortunately, there is no eCommerce option in the free plan and the blog is also very basic.

The site, so far, has some really nice templates, but we would like them to add functionality to the blog and ecommerce. In addition, the storage is not very generous with only 100MB in the free plan.

Free trial: Webnode

Our dummy site: GadgetsNairobi

2. Wix.com

Free website

You’ve probably seen this one on all of your YouTube ads. Wix.com. It has unique features and excellent designs. It’s nice that they have virtually no restrictions on the free plan in terms of features and models. To use your own custom domain name, you will need at least the Combo plan, which is KES 1300 per month.

We really like the selection of themes and the flexibility of their editor. In addition, they have a huge app market and 500MB of free web space. It has no page limits and full SEO customization. However, Wix advertising is highly visible and shouldn’t be tacky. We also think the URL is too long and hard to ignore.

Free try: www.wix.com

Dummy site: GadgetsNairobi

3. Weebly – A great website builder with a downside

The free plan is where Weebly doesn’t shine enough, mainly due to the highly visible ad in the website’s footer and limited theme choices.

In general, it is a very decent product, which offers great ease of use. There’s even an App Center with additional features. Paid plans start at KES 600 per month.

The themes are responsive and they even have 500MB of free web space. It also has no page limits and SEO settings can be changed for all pages.

Free try: www.weebly.com

Dummy site: GadgetsNairobi

4. Ucraft

Free website

It is an interesting product because they are the only ones that allow you to connect an existing domain name for free! However, it was also one of the more boring free games. It doesn’t have such interesting themes as other websites. Overall, we found it to be more complicated than other free website builders because the editor is not so self-explanatory.

You are limited to the basics of the free plan. This excludes anything related to articles, social media, or e-commerce. The editor was a bit slow to load at times and felt a bit buggy (but nothing too bad) and generally more complicated than other site builders.

Free plan: www.ucraft.com

Dummy site: GadgetsNairobi

Try them out and let us know what you think.


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