Apple sends new custom domain support to iCloud in beta


Apple has sent support for custom domain names in open beta.

As part of iOS 15 and macOS Monetery, the company will allow users to add a custom domain name to their iCloud account, like [email protected], and now the feature has been sent to a beta.

Those paying for iCloud, which will soon be called iCloud +, will be able to head to, click Account Settings, then click Manage, where they’ll see a Custom Email Domain option.

Up to five custom domains can be added to an iCloud account, and each family member can have up to three email addresses per domain name, ideal for small businesses.

When users enter a custom domain on the iCloud website, they can add currently active email addresses with the domain name or set up new email addresses. Apple will require users to provide the company with the correct back-end access for the personalized email address to work, and it can take anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours to activate these email addresses.

Earlier this year, Apple announced plans to launch iCloud +, a new subscription service for its iCloud product. Users who already pay for additional storage will be automatically enrolled in the program and will have access to features like personalized email addresses, iCloud Private Relay, and Hide My Email.

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