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Bandzoogle is a great web hosting provider if you want to reach a specific audience. Designed for musicians, Bandzoogle includes many features that make it easy to showcase your talents, with professional-looking templates designed for artists, as well as an easy setup process, including font and color options, giving users the ability to create a truly unique online site. presence.

Bandzoogle also allows users to make unlimited sales without charging a commission, which is ideal for musicians who plan to make large sales in the future. So if you are looking for your own website to sell all of your singles and albums, Bandzoogle has the platform you need.

Packages and prices

It’s unfortunate that Bandzoogle doesn’t include a discounted free plan that you can use for unlimited time, so if you want to give it a try, you’ll need to sign up for the 30-day free trial (on the bright side, no card information). credit is needed – just your email address and password, and you’re good to go). You will always have the option to cancel your trial at any time, if you decide that this is not the right platform for you.

All plans include a large number of themes, a built-in music player (where you can easily download your music) and access to a free domain name.

Bandzoogle’s plans are Lite, Standard, and Pro. They can all be tested for free for 30 days. You have the option of paying annually or monthly. By paying the lump sum each year, you basically get two months free.

The cheapest plan is light, at a cost of $ 9.95 per month (or the equivalent of $ 8.29 per month when paid annually). It offers space for 10 pages, 10 soundtracks and 100 photos. You will have access to all the themes to build your website, SSL security, and basic sales tools. You also have access to promotional tools such as a mailing list (up to 100 subscribers), electronic press kit, SEO tools and a tour calendar. This plan is ideal for groups who are just starting out.

The next step is Standard. $ 14.95 per month (or the equivalent of $ 12.46 per month when paid annually), gives you 20 pages, 50 soundtracks, and 500 photos. In addition to selling music downloads with 0% commission, like the Lite plan, selling merch is now possible. You can also increase your mailing list to 1000 fans.

Bandzoogle strongly recommends the Professional package, which is the most expensive of the three at $ 19.95 per month (or the equivalent of $ 16.63 per month when paid annually). Everything becomes unlimited with this package: pages, soundtracks, photos, subscribers. You can work with custom fonts, add video headers, you will be inundated with a myriad of sales tools like ticket sales, tip jar, product bundling, discount codes, ability to sell video and media files, inventory tracking and more – the list is impressive. The pro plan is a great platform for already established groups.


Choose from hundreds of themes to find the one that best suits your group (Image credit: Bandzoogle)

To start

Once you start the free trial, you will immediately have access to all of the pre-designed themes. Browse them, check out their great previews, and select the one that best reflects your band and their style (they’re broken down into categories like Rock, Classic, Urban, etc. to help you narrow your search).

To install

Use the setup process to add a cover image, logo, etc. (you can also change everything later) (Image credit: Bandzoogle)

During the creation process, you can add your own header image and group logo if you have one, but there’s no pressure: you can add it anytime afterwards. The same goes for all the other initial steps: you can skip them all (adding content, creating a blog, creating a photo gallery, etc.) and inserting them later.

Add sections

There are a few types of sections available to you, from a basic text box, to a photo gallery, to a blog, and everything in between. (Image credit: Bandzoogle)


Filling your website with content is a very simple matter. Click ‘Add Section’ to choose from the list of options displayed during the creation process.


Adding sections to a page, changing their position or even deleting them, it’s easy to click on those blue buttons (Image credit: Bandzoogle)

You have the flexibility to add as many sections as you want, across multiple pages, creating an engaging resource for your fans, and if you have experience with other more traditional website builders, you will find Bandzoogle very easy to master.


Blogs are basic, but offer all the essentials, including comments, categories, and scheduling (Image credit: Bandzoogle)

Even the blog section offers all the basics you’d expect, including categories, comments, and the ability to schedule your posts.

Sales tools

The central point of Bandzoogle is its ability to let you sell your music, videos, tickets, products, etc. (Image credit: Bandzoogle)

Unsurprisingly, the features that stand out the most are the music, merchandise, and ticket sales options. Everything you need as an artist is readily available, so if you are looking for a ready-made template, you can customize colors, fonts, and photos to create a website that showcases your style. SEO options are automatically generated from your page content, making it easy for Google to pick the right keywords.

The competition

Bandzoogle’s main competitors are Wix, Bandvista, and Mymusicstream. Bandvista has a very similar pricing to Bandzoogle and does not include a free plan either. Bandvista also includes a music player and options for selling merchandise, but its models aren’t as professional and modern as Bandzoogle’s.

Final verdict

Bandzoogle is a great web hosting option for anyone in the music industry who wants to sell albums, merchandise, and tickets to shows on a custom website.

Instead of building your website from scratch, this easy to customize web host makes it easy to build a website. You won’t need to spend time learning HTML or other programming languages. All templates are creative and designed for music lovers. It’s also easy to transfer your domain to Bandzoogle if you already have one. Bandzoogle promises fast page loading, so music fans don’t get stuck waiting to download a soundtrack. Because it’s music specific, built-in SEO will help Google recognize key terms on your website, making it easier for people to find your band online.

Overall, Bandzoogle is a useful tool for anyone in the music industry looking to build their own website.

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