Best Cheap Website Builder Deals of 2021


The best cheap website building options are no-code, drag-and-drop tools that include hosting, allowing you to build your own site from scratch, creating endless opportunities to grow your business, promote your blog, showcase your photography skills and much more.

Finding the best choices of inexpensive website builders is a win-win situation. Unlike most free website builders who limit some features but cover the basics, finding a website builder service that meets all of your needs for a fraction of the price means you can build the perfect site without breaking the bank or compromise on quality.

October is a fantastic time to close some cheap website building deals with Black Friday just around the corner. To make it easier to find these deals from top quality website builders, we’ve saved you the hassle by creating a detailed list of the best cheap website builder deals on the market.

For starters, one of the best deals currently on offer comes from the best website builder, Wix. On all of its Premium plans, Wix offers a 50% discount if you want to switch from its free website builder plan. Wix’s premium plans include features like unlimited bandwidth and priority customer support, which is crucial if you plan to build a website to dramatically grow your online presence – an offer you really can’t turn down. .

We are constantly updating this list to make sure you have the best and latest website builder deals. If you are looking for a matching web host, you can also see more great deals with our roundup of best cheap web hosting deals and services.

50% discount on offers

Cheap Website Builder Deals of the Month

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How to create a low cost website?

Today’s website builder tools are very easy to use and you don’t need to know HTML coding as they are extremely user friendly and use drag and drop functionality.

This leads to the next step highlighted on this page. You will need to find the best inexpensive website builder suitable for the type of website you are looking to build. Once you’ve identified that, look for any deals they might have (we’ve got you covered in this department).

Pair the website builder with a cheap web hosting provider and start building your website. Remember to always look at the features on offer, including free domain names, SSL certificates, and of course storage. The more bang for your buck, the better.

Also check the renewal costs, which will be important as everything is good to build a low cost website, but you would probably also want to keep the cheap while your website goes live.

Cheap vs. Free Website Builders – Which One to Choose?

There are so many website builders out there, and there are some free options that present themselves as very attractive – which there is nothing to like about everything that is free.

However, free website builders usually have certain limitations and if your goal is to have a website that not only stands out in a sea of ​​websites, but also has decent capacity, your best bet would be to find one. cheap website builder.

The beauty of website builders running deals is that you get all the features you are looking for at a low cost.

We recommend that you go cheap rather than going for free. We don’t dispute that there are some truly top-notch free website builders out there, but the peace of mind that comes with a premium affordable website builder that does everything it says on the tin, is unmatched.

Are Cheap Website Builders Good?

The short answer is yes! The good news is that some of the best website builders are very affordable. In this case, high-priced packages do not always equate to high-quality products and services.

For example, no inexpensive website builder mixes design, functionality, and ease of use like Wix. With the aforementioned 50% offer, you will be bound to be happy with the end result.

Still worried? Consider money-back guarantees in your search for the best, yet affordable, website builder for added reassurance.

It would also be helpful to list all the qualities of a website builder that are non-negotiable for you and then use that as a checklist when choosing a website builder. You will find that more than one website builder will have the features that are a priority for you, so you will have to make your decision based on which one is the cheapest.


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