Best website building platform for photographers in 2021


The most effective website builders for photographers allow you to create a website full of photos that are easy to maintain and present to visitors.

Many website builders can let you build a site in minutes with just a few clicks. However, they aren’t just designed to help photographers, those who want to showcase large and stunning galleries of their work online.

If you’re looking for the best website builder that can display your portfolio and work in the most elegant way possible, we’ve highlighted the top four photography website builders in this article. All of them get high marks for their prices as well as for their functionality, usability and the variety of templates they provide to get your wallet up and running on the internet.

After selecting your favorite photo and choosing a suitable photo, you will soon have your photos in front of a crowd of millions. Some websites even offer options to sell copies of your photos on the Internet.

We’ve compiled what we think are the best web builders for photographers.

  • We’ve also included the best musician friendly website builder as well as the best portfolio website builders.

The 3 best website building services

1. Wix is ​​a premium website builder, that’s a good deal. Wix is ​​the best at free website builders, but it also has some solid paid plans. Prices start at $ 8.50 per month, with the combo plan (over a three-year period) that removes ads from your website in addition to giving you 3GB of storage as well as a free domain and SSL certificate. absolutely free.

2. Gator is a fantastic website builder. Gator Site Builder by Hostgator comes with a very affordable starter pack that includes the hosting service for free, along with a domain as well as a free SSL certificate. The service offers 24/7 customer service support as well as the benefits of website analytics. All at a 50% discount, which means you only pay $ 3.84 per month.

3. Zyro is a serious website builder owned by Hostinger. It’s very affordable for this privilege, and even the best “Unleashed” plan only costs $ 3.9 per month.

The best website builders for photographers in 2021

1. Format

Simplified portfolio constitution

REASONS to buy

  • Clear and clean online interface

  • + Includes store and blog options as well as a blog.


  • It can get expensive for a lot of photos.

If you are looking for simplicity, in your website builder take a look at Format It doesn’t come with the same number of options or advanced features as some of its competition which means less work for you and less period between registrations. on the website and your images are operational.

There are over 60 themes to choose from (plus other premium themes if you decide to go with this option). Each can be changed using layouts, pages and colors. Each theme is automatically adapted for mobile and desktop devices and you can view everything in your browser.

As you would hope, putting images on your website is straightforward and once they’re placed on the page, they can be dragged and dropped onto the page as needed. If you are happy with your design and the style you have chosen, in addition to the sleek and tidy layouts, it is possible to be up and running in just a few hours.

We also like Format because of the extra features it offers. It allows you to put your own domain name as well as set up your own online store, as well as add blogs with scattered videos to help you if you get stuck. If you know the basics of website programming, you can change the CSS of your website as well. There is a 14 day free trial to try out the software.

The best website builders for photographers in 2021

2. Made of carbon

Produced with an innovative spirit

REASONS to buy

  • Fun and intuitive portfolio generator

  • + Easily change theme and layout


  • -Rivals have more customization options

In the range of simple to sophisticated, Carbonmade falls somewhere in between, but the service is designed for artists – which means putting your work online with a sleek theme is simple and, in fact, quite enjoyable.

The only thing you get are just a few models available to choose from, so if you’d rather think about the hundreds of options and the hundreds of options, then Carbonmade might not be the right choice for you. Once you log into Carbonmade it has one of the most efficient workflows we’ve seen. It allows users to easily create pages and projects, as well as upload your photos to the website.

This is one of the interfaces where you don’t need a guide to navigate. Everything from the published / unpublished status of your pages to using thumbnails for navigation is easy to set up. Settings to personalize your site, such as the ability to add logo or favicon, can also be chosen. There are also some cool extra features like Carbonmade Messages (which lets you chat with anyone interested in your work) or the ability to connect your custom domain. Plus, if you’ve already signed up for a Dropbox account, you can upload files directly from Dropbox.

There’s nothing that isn’t advanced features like websites that sell online or with password protection, but everyone needs them – if you’d rather set up your website and make it work, whether it looks good and then moves on to take photos, Carbonmade is certainly worth taking a look.

The best website builders for photographers in 2021

3. Square space

One of the giants of construction sites

REASONS to buy

  • Plus many photo models that are polished

  • The website builder is not that simple.

REASONS to avoid

  • Some users may require more customization

Squarespace is one of the biggest names in website development and offers hundreds of premium templates for posting your photo portfolio to the internet. It doesn’t matter if you want your images to display full screen or prefer the grid style, Squarespace should have something that will work for you.

All cropping and scaling is handled by Squarespace, which means your website will look good on all types of devices. There is a bit of freedom in how your images appear. You can choose to use your own logo, font colors and fonts, as well as use the default options provided by Squarespace.

To protect your photos, it is possible to secure some gallery pages with passwords and if you want to include text with your images, it is also easy to add text. Integrating a contact form takes a few minutes when you’re looking to offer customers the option to get in touch with you.

All of this can be controlled through an attractive web browser interface and you can even download and delete images from an iOS app if you want. Clearly, Squarespace is one of the best-known website builders out there, and it’s designed for photographers.

The best website builders for photographers in 2021

4. Soaked

Instant hassle-free results

REASONS to buy

  • + Get up and running quickly

  • Simple and elegant interface

REASONS to avoid

  • Limited choice of models

Dunked isn’t as wide in model selection or the same number of features as its competition, but it’s quick and easy to get started. Check out the models available on the home page. If you like any of them, try giving Dunked a chance.

Similar to other similar platforms, you will have an intuitive drag and drop interface to place your photos in the right place. If needed, photos can be split into categories and pages, which means if you want to keep your entire internet career or just selected photos, Dunked makes it possible.

While the selection of templates might not be the most extensive, they are all designed to be used on screens of all sizes and if you are familiar with some CSS you will be able to tweak different aspects of the website. design, but don’t expect much help beyond the basics of fonts and colors. Changes can be made at any time and take a few minutes.

We like the balance Dunked achieves by letting you get started quickly and providing a few customization options later. It’s probably straightforward for some users, but if you don’t want to sit around for hours contemplating designs, this might work for you. It is possible to try the service free of charge within 10 days.

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