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WordPress is a popular and flexible content management system that powers millions of websites, and Bluehost makes it the backbone of its website builder. If you need extra help building a website, Bluehost Website Builder gives you the tools to build reliable and engaging pages, with eCommerce options. Editors’ Choice chooses Gator and Wix as paid and free standalone website builders, respectively, but Bluehost Website Builder is an accessible alternative option if you’re ready to embrace Bluehost’s welcoming WordPress focus.

Prices, packages and options

While it lacks a free plan, unlike Wix, Bluehost Website Builder is reasonably priced. You just need to figure out exactly what you’re paying for each WordPress hosting plan. You can either subscribe for a month or a year, which determines the introductory price and the renewal price.

The basic plan starts at $ 9.95 for your first month of service, but the price renews to $ 19.99 per month after the introductory period ends. Likewise, Basic’s annual plan starts at $ 72, but the price jumps to $ 132 per year. The Pro plan starts at $ 14.95 for the first month, but it costs $ 24.99 per month. Its annual plan costs $ 168 for your first year of service, but the price drops to $ 180 per year thereafter.

The basic shared hosting plan includes unlimited monthly data transfers, 50 GB of storage, and five email addresses. The Pro plan builds on Basic by including unlimited storage of GB per file (with a software limit of 300,000 files) and unlimited e-mail. With the Pro plan, you have access to WooCommerce online store and payment tools, additional premium templates, and domain privacy. The main draw is the eCommerce functionality and WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins out there.

Basic and Pro levels provide unlimited websites, over 300 templates, access to an image library, blog post management, email marketing, and a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Free SSL is an added security benefit, which you’ll also find with Gator (HostGator’s website builder). With hosting included, you receive one month of free Microsoft 365 Email Essentials for your domain. If you want more powerful hosting, consider Bluehost’s VPS or dedicated hosting plans.

Bluehost gives you two options for building a WordPress powered website: the traditional WordPress interface or the Bluehost website builder. When you use the website builder, you get an easier way to create professional looking sites. Like, Bluehost Website Builder allows you to simply enter keywords into a generator to allow the builder to create a starting point. For our test, we created a podcast website that features a chunky pair of headphones on the homepage.

Bluehost website builder template

Bluehost Website Builder only offers one WordPress theme, but the wide variety of drag and drop templates and layouts allow you to customize this theme endlessly. While you can’t change your theme once you’ve chosen it (common limitation of website builders), there are many visual components you can change in a selected template, such as fonts and background colors. plan. Plus, you can switch between desktop and mobile previews to see what your site looks like on different screens.

Unfortunately, this stylistic freedom does not apply to image editing. You can import your own photos, including a logo, and browse Bluehost’s photo library. However, you can’t really edit these photos, in addition to resizing them or adding link and alt text metadata information. Gator also has virtually non-existent photo editing tools, but Wix gives you more robust options.

However, when it comes to designing your website, Bluehost doesn’t skimp on the tools. Under Sections, you can browse through many different elements to add to your site. Each element presents you with a few examples to choose from before dragging it onto your page. Standard options include text forms, video integrations, and image galleries. Other bespoke elements include a countdown timer, map, and exclusion for custom HTML / CSS.

Here you also get access to eCommerce features like product listings, reviews, promotions, and price lists. With WooCommerce, you can sell tens of thousands of different products, physical or digital, as well as subscriptions.

Bluehost website builder menus

Bluehost’s website builder isn’t confusing to use, but dumping all of these under the same sections banner makes finding what you’re looking for longer. Once an item was on the page, I spent a few more seconds than I wanted adjusting the values ​​to get what I wanted. However, finding your workflow won’t take long as it is still an accessible website builder.

Besides sections, you can also access other important editing menus. View all the pages on your site. Change the overall appearance settings and enable transition animations. Enter business and shipping information, as well as social media account credentials if you want your site to sync with Facebook or Twitter. Track the progress of your site’s traffic through Google Analytics.

Since you have to use WordPress with Bluehost, the website builder includes WordPress specific features that make your site shine. Start writing a blog that lives on your site. Switch between the streamlined website builder and the full WordPress admin interface anytime. In this way, the Bluehost website builder serves as useful training wheels when teaching yourself to ride a WordPress bike. To learn even more, see How to get started with WordPress.

Sections of Bluehost website builder

Excellent availability and customer support

A nice website will be of no use to you if no one can access it. That’s why we’re also testing how well traditional web hosting services and website builders stay online. Every 15 minutes, our website monitor will ping our website and send an alert if it is unable to contact a site for at least one minute. Bluehost has always been very stable, and still is. During a period of 14 days, we did not see a single outage. Otherwise, expect excellent and reliable uptime.

With Bluehost Website Builder, you can take advantage of Bluehost’s proven customer support team. Through its Blue Sky service, Bluehost provides 24/7 phone support, live chat, ticket-based system and knowledge base for Bluehost and WordPress in general. As with uptime, Bluehost’s fast and reliable customer support continues to impress us in testing. If you are not satisfied, receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days. For more details, check out our full review of Bluehost web hosting.

Have the blues

Bluehost Website Builder’s WordPress goal is not a limitation. In fact, WordPress powers so many websites that choosing a CMS-designed website builder gives you more flexibility than you initially expected. For existing Bluehost owners, it makes sense to stay in the ecosystem, and Bluehost’s website builder won’t let you down. That said, if you’re starting from scratch with website builders and want one that doesn’t feel as complementary, we still recommend Wix and Gator, our free and paid Editors’ Choice, respectively.

To learn more about building websites, check out 10 Simple But Powerful SEO Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website, And How To Build A Website.


  • Alternative website builder accessible for Bluehost users

  • Large library of models and archival photographs

  • Help you learn WordPress CMS

  • WooCommerce storefronts

  • Excellent availability

  • Helpful customer service

  • Free SSL

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The bottom line

Bluehost’s already excellent web hosting service sweetens the deal with an accessible, WordPress-focused website builder.

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