Custom domain email setup issues with Outlook



Office 365 users can get a personalized or personalized email address through Outlook. While creating an email id, you may experience some issues. In this article, you will find some of the common issues and solutions that appear when setting up custom email with Outlook.

A personalized or personalized email address allows you to give a professional touch to your business contact page. Instead of using the @ or @ email id, you can have your email address as @

Custom email setup issues with Outlook

It is quite easy to create such a personalized email address if you have an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription. However, people are often faced with various issues due to some common mistakes. If you are unable to complete the job, you can follow this guide as we have listed some of the most common issues here.

Outlook can’t find my domain

This is probably the most common problem people encounter when setting up a new email address. There can be many reasons why Outlook is unable to recover or validate your domain, but the most common cause is the domain registrar.

Outlook can only connect Come on daddy areas. In other words, it cannot validate a domain registered with another company like Google Domains, BigRock, Namecheap, etc. This means that you must first transfer your domain from the current registrar to GoDaddy if you want to use this service.

Your domain does not appear to be managed by GoDaddy

There are mainly two reasons why Outlook displays this error message during the installation process. First, the GoDaddy service is down. Second, you don’t use the default NS or Name Server records for your domain. If you are 100% sure that the GoDaddy service is operational, you should focus on the second reason.

Most of the users use separate domain and hosting companies to build the website. For example, people use GoDaddy to buy the domain and Linode, DigitalOcean, SiteGround, etc. to purchase accommodation. When mapping domain to hosting, you need to enter the NS records provided by your hosting company – this is the most common practice. This is one of the main reasons for Outlook showing this error message.

If you have changed this DNS, it means that your nameservers are no longer managed by GoDaddy. In this case, you should continue to use the default GoDaddy NS records.

Alternatively, you can create a DNS record template that contains all of the default name servers and apply it to your domain.

Your domain is still being configured, it may take up to 24 hours

Outlook can take approximately 24 hours to complete DNS propagation. If the 24 hour time limit has passed and you are still receiving this message, here is a solution to get rid of it.

It appears when you use the default GoDaddy nameservers to validate your domain and edit the DNS records after you have successfully created the email address.

You must keep all DNS records added by Outlook when setting up your account. If you delete even one of them for some reason, there is a chance of getting such error.

Sorry, this address is already in use, please choose another name

Sorry, this address is already in use.  Please choose another name

This error message appears when you have a custom email address with another provider and try to get the same name with Outlook. For example, suppose you have [email protected] email address with GSuite, and you are trying to get the same email address with Outlook.

In this case, you must first delete all DNS records from GSuite. After that, you can create this email address with Outlook. The same problem occurs when you try to add an email address, which is already an alias on your Microsoft account. At this point, you need to remove this alias first and then try to create the email ID.

Cannot delete personalized email address

If you’ve made a spelling mistake or want to remove a personalized email address for some reason, here’s how. Nevertheless, many people often get error when trying to delete a personalized email address. This happens because of the alias setting.

Before trying to remove a custom email address, you must remove it from aliases. For that, visit this page and remove it.

I can send email, but I cannot receive mail

This is another common problem with the personalized email address. When connecting the domain, Outlook adds DNS records to your account. If you delete or edit them, it is possible that this issue occurs – you may be able to send an email, but you will not be able to receive anything in your inbox.

The solution is simple, as you need to add all of the default DNS records to your GoDaddy account.

Gmail sends my mail to the Spam folder

Gmail is strict in terms of spam filtering, thanks to its built-in algorithm. If you send an email from your personalized email address to your Gmail account, but it ends up in the Spam folder, here’s a solution.

To be precise, you need to add all the default DNS records (especially the FPS record) for the personalized email address.

These are some of the most common issues you may have faced so far. Let us know if you have any other issues.

Your domain is still being configured.  It may take up to 24 hours



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