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It is very unlikely that you will want to spend hours and hours building your own website. Before you knew it, you would be spending time coding and programming when you never thought you would. Fasthosts is the opposite – now you can build a website easily without having to learn HTML or JavaScript. All you need to do is sign up for a plan and choose the model that works best for your business.

There are plans on the Fasthost website for web hosting and website construction. The plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the first three months are free. You will have access to email, your own domain name, SSL certificate and you will be able to choose from a wide variety of themes. Website builder packages have drag and drop functionality, making it easy for anyone (even a beginner) to build their own website.


Here is an overview of the plans and prices (Image credit: Fasthosts)

Packages and prices

Fasthosts offers two main website building plans on their website. The first plan includes a free trial period of up to one month. The second, you can try it for free for up to three months. Here is a brief overview of the three main construction plans:

The Essential website building plan costs $ 5.90 per month. It includes a domain name with the ending .uk,, .com, .website or .club. It comes with a personalized email address, SSL certificate, and up to 10 pages on your website.

The Complete website creation plan costs $ 11.85 per month and has a few additional features. You can still use a domain with any of the endings listed above in the Essential plan, however, the messaging feature is more complex. You will have access to mobile messaging, your own calendar and you can easily follow your contacts.

In addition, there is the possibility of selling your items (with the Complete website creation plan) using PayPal. The good thing is that you can sell an unlimited number of products. There are also unlimited pages and advanced SEO tools to help you market your website. This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want access to more e-commerce features and capabilities.


The interface is super easy to navigate (Image credit: Fasthosts)


Once you’re ready to get started, you start by choosing from one of the many models on offer. You can preview them to see what they look like beyond the thumbnail representation, or click “Use” to select it. Since there are so many options to choose from, it’s good to see that you can narrow down the search by category, such as Company, Portfolio, Store, or Blog. Don’t worry if this isn’t the right choice – you can change the look of your pages as often as you like.

You have plenty of text editing options, where you can change the size and color of your content, add background color, add links, separator, etc. Pretty much everything you would expect from a text editor. The addition of several pages is done via the menu ‘Pages and styles’ (top left). From there, you can duplicate an existing one (Fasthosts calls it “cloning”), create one from scratch, rearrange them, or delete the ones you no longer need.


The blogging tool is very easy to use (Image credit: Fasthosts)


The blogs section is separate from your other pages and does not count towards the “10 page maximum limit” if you choose the “Essentials” plan. The functionality is very similar to the text boxes you can add to pages which we explored earlier. This also unfortunately includes the frustrating and complicated way of editing images. If you are planning to migrate from WordPress, you will be happy to know that Fasthosts offers a “WordPress Import” option. You must first export your message from WordPress.

The e-commerce section offers everything you need to get started, as long as you plan to sell physical products – this service does not support digital downloads. If this aspect of online commerce is crucial for you, Fasthosts offers a different service called eCommerce Builder.


Fasthosts plans and models are easy to customize (Image credit: Fasthosts)

The competition

There are plenty of web hosting options out there – Bluehost, Hostgator, and Cloudways to name a few. What stands out most about Fasthosts is the ease of customizing everything. All of the content you add to your page moves from section to section, and many give you customization options to make each section work the way you need it to. For example, the slideshow allows you to choose its duration, if you want it to loop automatically, show descriptions of images, allow the viewer to pause playback, etc. It is quite comprehensive.

Final thoughts

Fasthosts is an established web hosting company that offers a good website builder, from basic pages to blogging and ecommerce. There are updated customization options and a brand new PayPal integration. If you are looking for an easy to use website builder, you can build an effective website extremely quickly using Fasthosts. Drag and drop the sections you need, customize the interface, add videos and sell products. Everything is working.

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