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Are you looking for a burial site or a cemetery where an ancestor is buried? Thanks to Jim Tipton, who took an interest in the graves of famous people over 20 years ago, your search can have amazing results.

Tipton started a database of celebrity grave sites and cemeteries in 1995 and put them on a website called Find A Grave. Since then, volunteers have added details of millions of graves and thousands of cemeteries where non-celebrities are buried. The extended database can be viewed at The site can be searched by last name, date, city, county, state and country.

The free website contains data on 162 million graves and half a million cemeteries in more than 170 countries. Some countries are the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The site is so useful that more than 50,000 people use it every day.

The type of website data on each grave and cemetery varies depending on the volunteers.

Although some volunteers limit their work to transcribing the data on the stones, others collect data on the history of the cemetery, other names of the cemetery, the longitude and latitude of the cemetery, family members of the deceased and the cemeteries where family members are buried. In addition, volunteers often add biographies, photos of the person, photos of the entrance to the cemetery, and photos of the burial grounds.

A “volunteering” section has been added to encourage others to join in the work. This section provides an application that can be used. Instructions show how to add a memorial, transcribe stone details, and upload gravestone photos.

Not all burial sites in every cemetery in the database have been photographed and searched, especially when the cemeteries are large. In these situations, the site encourages people to contribute memorials and additional photographs. If an ancestor is buried in a cemetery but is not listed in the database, you can file a request requesting that a photo and transcript of the tombstone be added.

While searching the database, you may discover that a volunteer has made a mistake. In these circumstances, the website provides a place to submit corrections.

The website also offers a section to add a memorial to a loved one. This note could provide the details necessary to put you in contact with other parents.

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