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Very good service has plenty of features to help those new to building a website, and the free web hosting is pretty generous. There are a few minor issues, but overall it was solid service with a friendly experience.

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In today’s world, if you have an idea that you want to market to the public, one of the best things you can do is build a website. is a free online service that allows you to create and host your own website for free. It is designed for those who may have an idea for their website but have little or no computer or coding knowledge. The site offers plenty of benefits and a handy, self-explanatory walkthrough the moment you log in and pitch your idea.

I will share with you my experience of setting up a site using and my opinion on this service.

000webhost offers a variety of benefits to its free users, making the site useful for both new and experienced web designers.

Offering two domains with a 99% uptime guarantee, 10GB of bandwidth per month, and 1GB of disk space to use, hobbyist web designers should have plenty to work on. One of the most important benefits that may go unnoticed for those new to web design is the full support for PHP and MySQL databases, providing the ability to develop your site in two different scripting languages. The combination of the two offers an almost limitless amount of options when it comes to what type of site you want and how you want to create it.

The site has a handy, self-explanatory walkthrough to get you started. Immediately after logging in, a window will appear asking for your level of expertise and offering help to anyone who needs it.

From there, it takes you to what really is your starting point for building your website. With three options at the bottom to choose from: use their website builder wizard, create a WordPress site, or upload your own. With varying level of difficulty, the website builder is the easiest with another walkthrough to go with it. Downloading the website is the most difficult, simply because it involves creating a fully functional website elsewhere, registering it, and uploading the code to host on that site. It’s fine if you just want to change your domain name or find a new host, but it’s a bit tricky if you create one from scratch. WordPress and creating your own options are pretty similar, both requiring you to create a site and child pages from scratch and create your own URL.

If you have experience with web design this can be quite easy, the way the banner, menu and image sizing is set up lends itself to be easily handled by those with even basic knowledge. in web design. As long as you know where to look, your tools are all at the top of the screen, accessible with a simple drop-down menu. You can change all fonts and images just like any toolbar in your standard document editor.

While most of the tools are easy to see and use, some may appear hidden due to a few overlapping site builder banners. This problem got me in an endless loop of trying to publish the page and return to the main page by accidentally clicking on their logo instead of the Publish drop-down menu.

While it’s still pretty easy to get used to, if this is your first attempt at building your own site, it can feel heavy and difficult to navigate. After a bit of work, the builder just got a lot easier to use and navigate. One of the few consistent issues I found was redirecting the client’s old website to the new one.

The site was good at adding new pages from the navigation bar, but any child pages after that were difficult to add, making it harder than necessary to add redirects from other sites or pages than you already have functional. With a pretty good selection of images and backgrounds to choose from if you didn’t already have images to add, you’re spoiled for choice. If you have your own images, 000webhost makes it quite easy to add them to the page and in most cases they make it easier to use your own images as opposed to their preloaded images as you don’t have to search through through their photo library to find the one that matches.

As for the site’s usability for SEO (search engine optimization), that remains to be determined. But, the change made it easier to target keywords on the site and move from site to site. Another benefit of the change was the convenience and ease with which the site’s metadata could be updated and changed as needed. This advantage is multiplied if you choose the third option and upload your own site.

The way presents your options to you, it is much easier to build the site than it is to buy the domain name and then use another source for your design. While there wasn’t a huge variety of models, the ones on offer were fairly easy to tweak to your liking. With enough time to get used to the layout of the programs’ tools and mechanisms, it was fairly straightforward for me to manipulate the size of the web page I was working on to ensure some design variation from page to page. ‘other. All of this could be arranged from the design page which is rarer than it looks.

The end result was a good, solid and functional website built from a slightly easy to use or learn to use online builder that has a ton of benefits. With a decent amount of storage and disk space to use, and a lot of help building your own site, 000webhost is an easy choice for anyone new to web design or someone who is a bit more seasoned and has a lot of experience. always wants the guidance and the ease of using the walkthrough when the going gets tough. Even though there are a few blockages when it comes to toolbar issues and the lack of stock images and templates to choose from, overall, 000webhost has more than enough to persuade anyone to take them. choose as a web host.


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