How to add a custom domain to Office 365


Office 365 allows businesses to add custom domains to their tenants, providing a personalized experience for their users and their brand. Use a domain that a company’s partners and customers will trust against the default domain provided by Microsoft builds credibility. In reality, Office 365 allows users to add up to 900 domains, providing great flexibility. Here’s how to add a domain to Office 365.

1. Enter the domain name

Sign in to the Office 365 admin portal. Go to To install and Areas, then click Add a domain. In the Enter a domain you own , add the custom domain that the company controls and wants to use for its Office 365 tenant. Click Next and continue with the next steps to verify domain ownership.

2. Check the domain

To verify, click Add TXT record. Copy the value of TXT value field. Navigate to the DNS registrar and open it DNS management page. Add the TXT record using the @ symbol for the host and the value provided by Office 365. Use a TTL of one hour or less. Return to the Office 365 portal and click To verify.

3. Select the right services

Once the portal has validated your domain ownership, click I will add the DNS records myself on the Update DNS records page. The next page will offer several services to use: Exchange, Skype for Business and Mobile device management for Office 365. Select the services you want to use and click Next.

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4. Update DNS

Finally, the Update DNS settings The page will list many records. All of these will need to be added to the organization’s existing DNS records on its registrar’s DNS management page. After adding all the records, go back to the Office 365 tenant and click To verify and To finish. Take advantage of the new custom domain in your Office 365 tenant.

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