How to create and configure a custom domain email ID in Outlook


If you have a Outlook Premium subscription, you can create a personalized email id. It is possible to create a custom domain email address even if you have an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription. Additionally, you must use GoDaddy as a domain registrar.

When you start a professional online business, you must have a personalized email id such as [email protected] in the place of [email protected]. Previously, it was possible to create a personalized email id for free. Now that installation is gone because Microsoft offers almost the same service with Office 365 subscription. Therefore, if you want to create an email id with your domain, follow this tutorial.

Before moving on to the steps, you should go over these common things you should know about

  • It is possible to create a personalized email address if you have an Office 365 Home or Personal subscription.
  • You need a domain for obvious reasons. However, your domain must be registered with Come on daddy alone. At this time, Outlook does not allow users to use domains from other registries.
  • If you have a domain with another registrar and want to create a custom email address with Outlook, you need to transfer it to GoDaddy first.
  • Although you can use your personalized email ID through, you cannot use it as a stand-alone email. In other words, you should always trust the @ or @ email id that you already have.
  • Unless you have an Office 365 Business Essentials subscription, you can’t create multiple aliases on a single mailbox with your domain.
  • If you cancel the Office 365 subscription, you will no longer be able to send or receive emails. However, Outlook stores all existing emails.
  • If you cancel your domain subscription with GoDaddy, you will lose the personalized email address because the domain registrar changes DNS records after expiration.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, you can continue to follow the instructions. If you already have a domain with GoDaddy, you don’t have to purchase anything else. If you don’t have a domain, it is recommended that you purchase the name before heading to the guide.

How to create custom domain email ID in Outlook

To create a custom email ID using Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings
  2. Click the Get Started button in the Premium tab
  3. Enter your domain name to validate
  4. Log into your GoDaddy account to verify ownership
  5. Go to Premium> Custom email address
  6. Click the Create an address button
  7. Enter your e-mail adress
  8. Use it through Outlook

To get started, sign in to your Microsoft account that you used to purchase an Office 365 subscription. Click on the setting gear icon which is visible in the top navigation menu. Then click on the Show all Outlook settings option. It should open the Settings panel.

As you already have the ‘premium’ subscription, you can click on the button Premium tab to explore more options. After that, click on the To start button under Personalized e-mail address title.

In the next window, click on the option that says I already have a GoDaddy domain. At this point, if you haven’t purchased your domain, you need to get the domain first, as mentioned earlier.

How to create custom domain email ID in Outlook

Enter your domain name so that Outlook can check if your domain registrar is GoDaddy or not. To do this, write down your domain name and click on the button To validate button.

After that, you need to log into your GoDaddy account to verify ownership. To do this, click on the Log in button first. It will redirect you to the GoDaddy website, where you will need to enter the credentials.

At this point, Outlook adds DNS records to your GoDaddy account so that you can use the personalized email address to send and receive an email. To be precise, it adds two CNAME records, one MX record, and two TXT records. After completing the last step, you can return to the Premium tab where you can see a new sub-entry called Personalized e-mail address. You have to visit this tab and click on the Create an address button.

It will allow you to create the email address you want to get. In the next window, you must enter the desired e-mail address. It can be anything – [email protected], [email protected], etc.

After noting the email id, click on the button Next button. If all goes well you will be greeted with a message like this-

Now you can visit Premium tab> Custom Email Address to find your custom email id. To send an email from your new email address, you need to change the address in the Of section when composing an email in

If you want to delete your email id, you need to visit the place and click on the button Delete address and confirm the change. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the service and no longer want to use the personalized email id, you can click the button Delete domain button to do the job.

Hope you find this step by step guide helpful.


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