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How To Find The Best Free Website Hosting

Website hosting is expensive, especially if you include all the features available for blogging, website design, and ecommerce solutions. For people who just want to blog about their favorite hobby or interest, free website hosting is available. You no longer have to hunt for
Reseller Host package from any service provider.

Most of these providers offer free webpage and blogging tools. The catch is that the blogger or website owner agrees to display ads on the pages, this is how the website hosting service generates income for providing free storage on the server.

Decide on requirements for website hosting services

The first step in finding the best free website hosting service is to decide what the website will involve. Will the primary focus be a blog, personal website, or business ad page? Free website hosting services differ in the amount of tools provided to the domain owner. For example, if the website is blog focused, the best solution is a company that provides blogging tools or content management systems. The most important blogging tools on the market are WordPress and Blogger.

Determine database hosting and hard drive space requirements

A database hosting service is used for dynamic content such as blogs, shopping carts, and login pages. Some database services are expensive and are not included in the free web hosting service packages. For robust data operations, the website owner will likely have to pay a fee. However, small websites or bloggers can find free website hosting packages with limited space. MySQL is a freely distributed database application, so website hosting packages that provide blogging and web design services use MySQL as a solution. Understanding MySQL helps the website owner to work with the free tools provided in the web host’s control panel.

Prepare for paid website hosting

If the website grows or needs better tools and options, the owner should move the pages and data to a paid service. Scalability is not an option for a free web hosting service, so businesses and bloggers should be prepared for a server move. A server move involves exporting web pages to another server and exporting the current database data, then importing it to a new location. When choosing a free website hosting service, make sure that the data and files can be exported and moved to another server easily and without the help of website hosting administrators.

Finding the right solution can take hours or days, but the best solution will make it easier to design and move. Once the pages are designed and uploaded, choose the right SEO service company to help you drive traffic. Placing ads on the page also monetizes the site and lowers the cost of migrating it to a paid service. These steps help the website owner get started with an affordable hosting solution and move on to more robust options once the business or blog grows.

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