Instagram is considering adding video and audio calling to its website and is also working on automatic backups for story drafts / Digital Information World


Instagram is testing the ability to make audio and video calls with the website version of the platform. Its engineers are also working on the integration of an automatic saving function for drafts.

Instagram is a platform that, while having a rich and robust mobile app that is literally miles ahead of its sister platform Facebook in terms of UI and UX, has a website presence. very simple. Instagram’s website unfortunately does not allow users to post anything and only serves as a sort of glorified gallery, allowing users to browse and like images and stories. Instagram doesn’t even really need a website, as its main attraction comes from mobile users. Then again, it must be nice to see images in a larger aspect ratio than your phone can muster, right? Instagram hasn’t completely neglected its website variant either, updating it every now and then to make the UI a bit more impressive.

This recent feature is perhaps one of the most functional that has been introduced to the website in quite some time. Although users were able to chat with each other through the Instagram website, they were unable to use any of the other features offered by the chat. Specifically, audio and video calls had been irrelevant from, well, the start. However, that may soon be subject to change. Screenshots revealed on Twitter by a serial leaker on social media Alexander Paluzzi view the new call and video call buttons added to Instagram’s website chat interface. This, of course, is not concrete proof of the integration of new features. They are still in beta testing, not widely available, and can be taken out of service as quickly as they have been. Instagram always wants people to use their mobile platform more than their website. Perhaps adding too much to the latter would distract users from the larger, more lucrative former.

The other characteristic Being tested on Instagram also significantly increases the quality of life on the platform, although this is a feature more suited to the current mobile version. Previously, if a draft was created, it could only be saved if a user tried to exit the draft interface instead of directly leaving Instagram. And let’s be honest: we probably all lost quite a few good posts due to muscle memory that forced us to close the app before saving the draft. This, however, will no longer be a problem since automatic backups are introduced to Instagram proper. The feature must be enabled manually from the story settings, as auto-saving currently extends to story drafts only.

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