New Ventures Offers Free Small Business Website Development and Design Course


New Ventures Maine is launching an on-demand Grow Your Business Online course designed to provide small business owners with the tools, skills, and mentorship needed to establish a successful digital presence. This course is a partnership with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) and GoDaddy.

Grow Your Business Online will be available starting January 12 in an on-demand online format. For participants who want an easy experience, the course will be offered “live” and online in April, June and September.

Using an online platform, entrepreneurs will take courses in topics that deepen their company’s brand, determine the most effective type of website, create compelling content, adopt best practices to achieve on top of search results, create and build a website, make social media / website connection, use email marketing to increase sales, and understand cybersecurity to protect customer information.

As part of the program, entrepreneurs are given free tools including a domain name, hosting package, web builder, branded email address, email marketing solution, and referral for a two-year term. Business owners participating in the program will have access to their choice of three (3) live remote coaching sessions with GoDaddy experts in April, June and September. Remote work / lab sessions are strategically scheduled for participating entrepreneurs to network and troubleshoot in a remote group environment while growing their online presence.

“A digital presence is a requirement for businesses today,” Karin Petrin said in a press release. Petrin is the Business Advisor and Microenterprise Specialist for New Ventures Maine and one of the workshop note facilitators.

“This course will help business owners build an online presence, from creating basic digital content to fully developing a functional website,” she said. “We’re excited to bring this free program and connection to global digital marketing experts to rural entrepreneurs in Maine. “

Pre-registration is required and available online at

For more information or to register, contact Karin Petrin, Microenterprise Specialist at New Ventures Maine at 768-9468 or [email protected] There is no charge for training.

New Ventures Maine is a statewide organization serving 16 counties from six (6) locations and twelve (12) outreach centers. New Ventures Maine creates a stimulating environment for people in Maine to define and achieve their career, financial and small business goals. Through tuition-free courses and one-on-one coaching, they help people find good jobs, start or return to college, start small businesses, manage their money, and grow their assets. All interactive courses and workshops are available online. Individual meetings are possible by videoconference or by telephone.

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