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In addition to ordinary non-bank loans taken out in a traditional way at stationary financial points, payday loans online or SMS loans have been enjoying popularity for many months. Loans taken out with the help of short text messages have undoubtedly gained popularity in recent months, as they accelerate the process of obtaining cash on our account, but at the same time they can be a potential threat to borrowers.

Therefore, it is worth knowing the principles that should be followed when using the services of non-bank loan companies.


Simple procedure of loans for SMS

sms loan

As you know, many loan companies rely on maximum simplification of the entire procedure. In most cases, you only need an ID card, bank account, and cell phone to take out the loan. It is no different in the case of loans granted via SMS.

All you need here is a cell phone, with which you can send a text message by registering on the website. After registration, in the text of the SMS we enter our PESEL number, the amount we are interested in and the period in which we undertake to pay it back.


Quick decision

quick loan

Usually, within a few minutes, up to a maximum of an hour, we receive a reply message to our telephone number about the loan being granted, and the money should be on the bank account we have previously defined. This method of service is most often offered by loan companies to their regular customers who have already taken out a loan from them and repaid it on time.

The simplicity and convenience of loans via SMS, however, imposes another question. Are these types of transactions secure? Will we not run the risk of cheating when someone tries to take a loan for our data? However, this is not possible. Why? Well, as I wrote earlier, a loan via SMS is not a service that everyone enjoys.

Only reliable and reliable clients who have any history in a given loan company can use it.

APRC for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 1804% (representative example).

A loan through a text message sent from a telephone is a convenience and a privilege for them. On the other hand, thanks to such a procedure, potential customers can take more loans more and more often. Of course, this is also beneficial for loan companies because they earn on their regular customers who pay commissions and fees on loans granted.


Be careful not to fall into a debt spiral

Be careful not to fall into a debt spiral

Of course, the customer encouraged in this way borrows more often and more. That is why it is important to be careful that this does not become our way of life. In addition, another threat must be taken into account in the form of falling into a spiral of debt. Therefore, this type of loan only if we are sure about the repayment in time.

In other cases we are exposed to unpleasant consequences. What exactly? It is primarily about interest, which in many cases may even several times exceed the amount borrowed by us.


Let’s pay attention to the security of our data

loan security

We should not share them with others, because it may end up very sorry for us, for example the loss of funds accumulated on our account. It is also worth remembering that you should use offers only from reliable and proven loan companies.

You should not be tempted by the offer of young, uncertain companies with sensational conditions for payday loans . Very often it ends with customer problems.



To sum up, loans via SMS are of course quick and convenient, but as it is in life you have to be careful first of all. First, you need to get acquainted with the details of the loan company offer, use proven companies, and borrow with the so-called “head”, meaning wisely and sensibly, with the certainty that we will pay the liability on time.

We can’t make a living out of borrowing money. We should not repay another with one loan.

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