Tesla Cybertruck production set to be delayed beyond 2022, website suggests



Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in the global automotive community. Since its unveiling, the electric car maker has set production deadlines and delayed these several times. The last timeline set by the electric vehicle maker was 2022.

However, it looks like the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t likely to go into production this year.

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Reslarati first reported that the electric vehicle maker had removed Cybertruck’s upcoming production estimate for 2022 from its official website. The move fueled speculation that the electric pickup could be delayed further.

Just a few weeks ago, the official Tesla website mentioned that people who booked Cybertruck will be able to complete their setup as production nears in 2022. Now the page simply says “as production nears” , abandoning the timeline.

Tesla is notorious for not making any official announcements. Instead, the company is relying on its CEO Elon Musk’s big fan following on Twitter. Additionally, for some minor announcements, Tesla simply updates its official website to convey the information. These updates can range from price changes and configuration changes to production and delivery updates.

The latest update on Tesla’s website could be a big milestone for the next electric pickup truck. Or it can be a simple modified sentence. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is expected to make a major announcement regarding the new Gigafactory in Austin, TX later this week.

The move came after the Cybertruck’s order specifications and pricing were removed from the order page a few months ago. Details have been revealed on the elimination of a single engine variant from the Cybertruck.

This is not the first time that Tesla has delayed the production and launch of a highly anticipated vehicle. The best-selling Tesla car, the Model 3, has also faced similar disruptions, with the automaker repeatedly delaying its launch due to the shortage of funds issue.



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