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If you are wondering how to build and use your own website, you might want to consider using what is known in the industry as a website builder. For the most part, and with the right platform, you can build your website in just one afternoon, if just the beginnings. So what exactly is a website builder? Is this something you might want to consider even without web development skills? The answer is quite simple, really. Yes! These are just the people website builders are designed for.

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To better understand what a website builder is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll find when looking at well-known platforms in the industry. A particular platform was created by a group of students in 2006 and as a real Weebly review explains, it was created for personal web pages and small businesses. So let’s see what a good website builder is.

No coding required

If you’ve just started a blog, personal webpage, or a small family business, a website builder is perfect for you. You won’t need to know any coding, so everything from images to web layouts is there for you to see as you create. Website builders are user-friendly platforms, or at least they should be, and that’s why you read the reviews! Users will tell you what they found convincing and all the features that gave them a bit of a problem.

Drag and drop features

A website builder should offer drag and drop functionality so that you don’t have to sort through lots of folders and files to get the stuff you want placed on your pages. Again, a good quality website builder will rely heavily on visual processes so that you can see how your page evolves as you build it. With drag and drop function, you really don’t need to know HTML coding because you’re just going to extract something from a file on the page and that’s all there is to it. However, there are different tiers in the subscriptions, so some features are only available with the paid plans, while other, more basic features are available in the free website builder options. Make no mistake about it, however; even free website builders come with all the features you could possibly need to build an amazing website, often in just one afternoon.

Free to paid subscription options

As mentioned above, free website builders also offer paid subscriptions which give you better tools for things like an eCommerce website, for example. Features such as shopping carts and search functions are mostly available with paid website builders, but these are usually only important for small businesses selling products online. If you just build an affiliate webpage with links to sites selling the products you will receive commission for, you don’t even need a shopping cart. This is something the retailer will pay you according to their payment agreement.

Easily import and export

There is another benefit to using some free website builders. With some platforms, you will find it easy to import and export pages. Some website builders own their own platform. So, once you create a site with them, you won’t be able to export to other platforms anymore. Weebly and other website builders with a long history allow you to bring in pages that you have previously created while giving you the ability to export to a platform that is conducive to large businesses and their many functions.

Very few inconveniences

As mentioned above, the free website builder does not have some of the features that you would need on a busy e-commerce site. However, that’s really not a downside when you can just upgrade your subscription to get an additional array of features and items. Also, website builders, also mentioned above, are not better suited for large businesses that require a considerable number of features. Free or low-cost website builders can give you a nice aesthetic, but detailed customization can be a bit tricky or beyond what the platform is designed for.

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It’s all in a name

Anyone who said names aren’t important was seriously wrong when it comes to something as important as a website builder. There is definitely something in the name and website builders with a long history are here to show you exactly what it is. If you choose a website builder, find at least one that has a good reputation and millions of users who will attest to it. All in all, a free website builder is an amazing tool for an individual or a small business that isn’t looking to engage in a huge amount of business. Since the only thing you will likely be asked to pay for is hosting, then this is a small price for something with all the amazing features that you will find available to you.



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