Voxco Survey Software Launches Free Website Satisfaction Tool for Businesses of All Sizes to Measure Online Customer Experience

  • Businesses can download the free survey tool and be up and running in minutes
  • The platform enables businesses of all sizes to gather important information and key performance indicators in order to drive website conversions

MONTREAL, June 4, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Survey software Voxco today announced the launch of a free website satisfaction survey tool for businesses of all sizes to measure online customer experience and collect information from the voice of the customer. The tool is completely free and offers businesses the ability to collect critical customer data in order to better understand; visitor intention, task completion, customer effort, customer satisfaction, and net promoter scores.

“Most websites convert in low single digits.” noted Jonathan levitt, Marketing Director at Voxco. “We want to empower people to understand the ‘why’ behind the conversion and provide them with the KPIs needed to really make a difference. By listening to the voice of the customer and understanding what works and what does not, website owners can improve the experience and generate higher outcome measures. ”

The free survey tool is available in English with more languages ​​to follow shortly. The free satisfaction survey from Voxco’s website can be downloaded at: http://www.voxco.com/freesurveytool/.

About Voxco
Voxco is a global leader in omnichannel cloud and on-premise enterprise comment management solutions. The company provides market research organizations, government and government agencies, universities and global businesses with a platform to collect data anytime and anywhere through online and mobile surveys, interviews by phone or face-to-face offline surveys. Founded over 45 years ago and with offices around the world, Voxco serves more than 450 customers in more than 40 countries through its Research Cloud ™. Learn more about Voxco.com


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