Web-based iCloud messaging overhaul, my email masking, and custom domain features now available


Along with the launch of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8, Apple has also been pushing an update for its iCloud.com website, introducing a new look for iCloud Mail which is posted on the web.

‌ICloud‌ Mail’s new web design resembles the email apps on devices running ‌iOS 15‌, ‌iPadOS 15‌, and the beta of macOS Monterey. It’s a cleaner, more streamlined look than the previous ‌iCloud‌ Mail for the web app, but the functionality is largely the same.

The colors are lighter, the font has been updated, and there’s a new, smaller compose window for writing emails that takes up less space.

Apple introduced the new ‌iCloud‌ Mail for the Web design during the ‌iOS 15‌ beta testing process and it was previously limited to the beta.icloud.com site, but it has now been released for the main iCloud.com website.

Today, Apple also released the Hide My Email and Custom Email Domain features on the main iCloud.com site. Hide My Email is designed to allow users to create disposable emails that forward them to a primary email address. With this feature, users can create different email addresses for different websites and then deactivate them if spam emails start to arrive.

icloud hide my email
Custom email domains are designed to allow customers to use their own personalized email addresses with the ‌iCloud‌ email feature. Domain registrations must be updated with Apple’s settings, therefore access to the domain registrar is required.

icloud custom mail domain
All these new features are accessible by connecting to the ICloud.com website. The Custom email domain and Hide my email features are accessible by clicking on your name and choosing “Settings. “

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