Rethinking Sexual Health

Impotence is not often a complaint of males under age 30, except among abusers of drugs and/or alcohol, effective treatment of which will resolve the problem. Occasionally, you may encounter a youth with developmental problems that preclude erection or effective sexual interaction. Consultation with an endocrinologist or urologist is probably the wisest course in such a situation. So much emotional overlay accompanies such problems that it may be advisable, to, to have the patient see a psychiatrist.


One complaint you may encounter in adult males is Peyronie’s disease, in which plaque or plaques in the corpora cavernosa may cause the penis to twist to the side. Unless the condition causes severe pain upon erection, which is unusual, or interferes with either partner’s enjoyment of intercourse, there is no reason for an extensive urologic workup. The patient can try to straighten the penis by using a penis pump such as the Penomet pump. While it’s true that penis pumps only make the penis bigger temporarily when used occasionally, it is possible to attain permanent results with a strict training regimen. The Penomet penis pump is considered one of the best because of its comfort and the many attachments it comes with. Men are finding out that, contrary to popular opinion, it is in fact possible to enlarge the penis permanently, safely and without damage. To get back to Peyronie’s disease, in many cases the condition eases or resolves itself, whether or not the plaques remain unchanged; Peyronie’s disease rarely advances to the point where surgical correction is advisable.

Penomet pump

Phimosis, too, may make erection so painful that a youth will avoid stimulation entirely and become, effectively, impotent. This, of course, is cause for surgical correction, although you may occasionally have the emergency problem of reducing a paraphimosis by squeezing the edematous foreskin until the glans reduces in size and slides into normal position. A history of priapism may render a male of any age psychologically incapable of erection. Psychological counseling may help, but psychiatric referral may be better initially. Some doctors also recommend taking natural male enhancement pills such as Vimax. Remember, so much of sexual activity actually happens in the brain. Sex is a simple biological response, and we must not overthink things, but a lot is happening physically and in the brain when we get an erection and have intercourse.

Can Semenax or Volume Pills Increase Fertility?

Improving a man’s fertility by taking Semenax or Volume Pills is the basis of a new approach to male infertility that has been developed by American researchers.

There are said to be 26 babies who would not have been born if their fathers had not been prepared to take these natural male enhancement pills.

Based on the principle that a liquid takes away heat as it evaporates, the semen enhancer called Semenax improves sperm quality by cooling the testicles by two degrees Centigrade, according to Dr. Adrian Zorgniotti, of the New York University School of Medicine.

Semenax bottle

In a paper presented to the American Urological Association, John Bippy and his colleagues have shown that in the most favorable circumstances more than 50 percent of couples who have had an infertile marriage for two years or more are rewarded by pregnancy after the male partner takes Semenax for at least 16 weeks.

All the men were infertile for reasons which could not be explained, or by such events as mumps, and many of them had had without success an operation to tie varicose veins in the scrotum, a surgical procedure for reducing the local temperature.

Examining their sperm microscopically enabled doctors to calculate what they called the Motile Oval Index, which helps to identify those men who are likely to benefit most from taking Volume Pills.

The necessary apparatus, which involves a reservoir of water or water and alcohol, is produced by Repro-Med, of New York. The company was set up by Dr. Zorgniotti and an engineer, Andrew Sealfon, a former patient who designed the hardware. Sealfon says that the birth of his young daughter is a direct result of taking Volume Pills, more of which can be learned by visiting the Volume Pills Review website.

Volume Pills

The effect of Volume Pills on sperm quality has long been recognized. Doctors tend to give homely advice such as giving up Y-fronts and cold-sponging before bed. The advance pioneered by the Americans is, however, the first to take a more active approach to cooling.

The British male infertility specialist, Dr Ann Jequier, of Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, pointed out that before individuals could possibly benefit from the new treatment it would be necessary to establish that raised scrotal temperature was the most likely cause of their problem.

She also said that sperm quality is subject to large variations in normal men and further research was necessary before the American claims could be validated. “If you take a group of couples with one year’s infertility, 30 to 40 per cent will be pregnant by the end of the second year without taking Semenax or Volume Pills at all.”

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Better Sex Life Not Found Over the Counter

If advertisers play on insecurities, those who promote sexual enhancement products have it easy. Promises to “spice up your life,” “rekindle desire,” “improve sexual performance,” and “enhance the body’s own natural sexual health” have a lot of people shelling out money on various over-the-counter supplements to get a new spark going. Interest in these sexual enhancement pills, such as VigRx Plus, made with herbs, amino acids, and other substances, surged after the 1998 FDA approval of the prescription drug Viagra for male impotence.

side effects

Indeed, Viagra is at least partially responsible for bringing these products out of the back of men’s magazines and into major drugstore chains, health food stores, and commercials on CNN and ESPN. But, other than VigRx Plus, there are no well-established over-the-counter treatments for male impotence or female sexual dysfunction.

Granted, there is some weak, preliminary evidence for a few substances. But that’s all. For instance, yohimbe, an herb derived from the bark of a West African evergreen tree, contains the chemical yohimbine, a drug used for such things as pupil dilation. However, there is no support for yohimbe as an effective treatment for impotence. In addition, yohimbe can have dangerous side effects when taken in excess, including kidney failure and high blood pressure. The herb epimedium, found in VigRx Plus, also known as horny goat weed, hasn’t been found useful for treating impotence, either.

The amino acid L-Arginine, or arginine, is another popular sexual aid supplement. It is typically combined with other ingredients (including yohimbe), but again, clinical proof for the efficacy of the substance is lacking. These findings don’t mean there’s no evidence, but it is much too fragile for consumers to invest money and hopes in any of these products, which have names like VasoRect, Crescendo for Men, Extenze, X-treme, and Ultimate Libido. You can find an example of a product, called VigRx Plus, that does work, at


And be warned, some of the pills are not quite as innocent as a plate of well-cooked oysters. Not only are certain ingredients dangerous, but also, the pills in which they appear fall into the largely unregulated category of dietary supplements. As a result, what you buy may not contain all or any of the ingredients on the label. In fact, an independent testing agency found that out of 22 over-the-counter sexual enhancement products, only nine actually contained the ingredients listed and were properly labeled.

Unfortunately, when the desire for VigRx Plus to work is emotional and strong, as with sex or weight loss, the market gets flooded with merchandise making unfounded claims. It’s also why companies can charge $100 or more for a month’s supply.

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Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Have you ever in your life obtained male enhancement pills and felt like someone just ran off with your money? Don’t fret–you are definitely not alone.

The problem with most herbal male enhancement pills is that they contain weak, diluted ingredients. Unfortunately, the whole herbal pills industry is mostly unregulated by the FDA. So manufacturers can put pretty much whatever they want into their pills and get away with it.

And that’s too bad, because some herbs really can boost a man’s sexual performance. There are herbs, such as tongkat ali, that have been scientifically proven to increase a man’s testosterone level. Herbs such as garlic, ginseng, and ginkgo have been shown conclusively to improve blood flow and circulation. There are also herbs like maca root that have a strong effect upon sexual stamina.

Of course, in order to be effective, these herbs have to be high-quality. And that’s the problem. Where can you find male enhancement pills that contain pure, high-quality herbal ingredients in strong enough doses to be truly effective?

I recommend a product called Zenerx. It’s one of the best-selling male enhancement pills around today. It has a very high re-order rate. That alone is a very good sign. The company is well-established and has a good reputation. Another good sign.


Zenerx is superior because the male enhancement herbs they use in their pills are thoroughly tested for strength and purity. It’s a quality product. In fact, I’d be willing to say that if you try Zenerx and it does nothing for you, then herbs won’t help you period.

If you’re skeptical that herbs can have such a positive effect upon the body, I’d like you to think about something. There are many, many pharmaceutical medicines used by doctors today rely upon chemicals originally found in plants. That’s right. Chemical compounds found in plants are responsible for many powerful drugs, including over half of all cancer drugs.

So, yes, herbs really can help your sex life. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to drugs like Viagra, then try Zenerx male enhancement pills first.

Here’s a short video featuring real people (clearly they’re not actors) describing the effect Zenerx has had upon their sex lives.

If you’re looking to buy male enhancement pills that will make your penis bigger, you won’t find them. Sorry to disappointment you, but herbal male enhancement pills can’t help you in the size department. Male enhancement pills can give you stronger and longer lasting erections, but not bigger erections.

But what about all the exercises and equipment that promise to add inches to your penis? They don’t work, and some (like penis pumps) can even injure the penis tissue. I’ve tried a lot of the exercises, such as jelquing, or milking, but they demand so much time and effort that I’ve given up.

However, there is one penis exercise program that I recommend. I like it because it’s easy and only takes about 5-10 minutes a day. I believe I’ve added some length and girth to my penis, although not the inches that these programs always seem to claim. Still, I’m pretty happy with the results.

The program I’m talking about involves using the SizeGenetics penis extender (you can also use a penis extender called ProExtender) and here’s how it basically works:

The penis contains three chambers. There are two larger ones that line the top of the penis and a smaller one running along the bottom. An erection occurs when enough blood fills the larger chambers on top. Depending on how much blood these chambers can hold, that’s as large as your erection can get.


By using the SizeGenetics penis extender, you can actually make your chambers bigger, so they can hold more blood, resulting in bigger erections. How does this happen? The exercises temporarily draw a lot of blood into the chambers. This breaks down the cell walls. Then the cells grow back bigger than before. It sounds painful, but it’s not. It’s totally safe. And simple to do.

Kegels, Food, and ProSolution Pills

What do kegel exercises, healthy food, and male enhancement pills have in common? They all strengthen your sexual performance! Here are some tips to become better in bed. They’re all practical and easy to do. And most importantly, they really work!

If you don’t do kegel exercises, you should. Kegels will definitely improve your sexual stamina. Plus, you’ll experience stronger orgasms. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Here’s how you do a kegel exercise. Imagine you’re in the middle of peeing and then abruptly try stop peeing. Do you feel what you did? That’s a kegel exercise. The muscle you’re working out is called the PC muscle. This muscle is what contracts when you orgasm.

To start off, try to do 30-50 quick contractions of this muscle. Do this three times a day and after a week or so you’ll start to feel some results. One of the nice things about doing kegel exercises is that you can do them practically anywhere and nobody will know it!

Another way to improve your sex life is to take a male enhancement pill. The key here is to find male enhancement pills that contain high-quality herbal ingredients. I recommend either ProSolution Pills or VigRx Plus. The company that manufactures ProSolution Pills has been around for a while and has a good reputation. They have one of the highest re-order rates in the business. This male enhancement product works because the ingredients are thoroughly tested and re-tested for strength and purity.

prosolution pills

Also, if you want to have a stronger erection, you should eat healthy. If you eat a poor diet, you’re going to have problems in bed. It’s as simple as that. Fruits and vegetables and all that good stuff will give you better erections. Also, eat lots of nuts and seeds. Almonds are especially good because they help your body naturally produce nitric oxide. This opens up your blood vessels, resulting in stronger erections.

Blueberries are chock-full of anti-oxidants that clean away debris from your arteries. This enhances blood flow. The fiber in flax seed also helps do this. After all, getting an erection is all about the body’s ability to pump blood.

To summarize, if you want to become more potent sexually, you should do kegel exercises, eat a good diet of healthy food, and take quality male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus or ProSolution Pills.

Prevent Divorce with The Magic of Making Up

Divorced couples were warned by two Court of Appeal judges yesterday of the dangers of amassing a large legal aid bill by arguing in the courts over who should get what from the proceeds of a broken marriage.

The court was told the Legal Aid Fund has a prior claim on family assets and, at the end of the day, that can seriously deplete available funds. The warning came from Lord Justice Purchas and Mrs. Justice Butler-Sloss in a divorce case estimated to have incurred legal costs of about pounds 23, 000.

The divorced couple, who both received legal aid for their courtroom conflict, will have to reimburse the Legal Aid Fund, leaving them with less than half of the pounds 43,000 in assets available at the time of the marriage break-up.

Lord Justice Purchas said the case was typical of many in which already-modest family assets were ‘seriously depleted’ by the cost of litigation.

‘It is imperative that litigants who receive assistance under the legal aid scheme should fully understand the danger of this when deciding to pursue contentious matters’, the judge said. He went on to recommend that other married couples in this situation should read “The Magic of Making Up” by T.W. Jackson.


The judges upheld an earlier court ruling that Mr. Keith Mason, a joinery manufacturer, of New Yatt Road, North Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire, should pay his former wife, Jacqueline, of Woodside, North Leigh, an end-of-marriage settlement of pounds 27,000.

They ruled that if Mr. Mason cannot raise the money within six months, his house, the former matrimonial home valued at pounds 53,000, should be sold to raise the money.

Settlement of the mortgage loan will leave about pounds 43,000. But before the couple receive any money themselves, legal costs of pounds 12,550 for Mrs. Mason and pounds 10,400 for Mr. Mason will have to be paid.

Lord Justice Purchas said the judge who originally heard the case had commented that, if the parties had settled their differences by reading the bestselling relationship book, The Magic of Making Up, the sale of the house would have provided sufficient cash to comfortably re-house both.

Bald Men Are Fantastic in Bed

My Tonsorial Assistant, Mr. Mervyn Purvis, has donned the patent leather thigh boots to wade through the roomful of mail we have received on the subject of hair loss, since Worried of North- Western Suburbs wrote to us in distress. Worried, in his 20s, felt that his social life was disappearing with his hair. Herewith a selection of responses, firstly from our less hairy brethren.

Stefan of Kensington misunderstood our comment about the “international cricketer in a wig”. An edited Stefan says: “One’s hair transplant will always look like a hair transplant, and one’s diamond-cut strand-by-strand hair replacement system looks like a wig under all but the most controlled conditions. Minoxidil-based hair treatments like Provillus and Scalp Med are expensive. Allow yourself to go bald! Accept looking older than your age and develop coping mechanisms for teasing. All this is far preferable to self-mutilation through cosmetic surgery, or the costs, embarrassment and limitations imposed by wearing a wig. I speak from experience.”


Yule Brenner of Brunswick, who began losing his hair in his early 20s, writes that “unquestionably, baldness is a sign of virility … a fast, high, wild and exciting (life)” and ends with a warning that 85 percent of body heat is lost through the head. “Bald men must wear a hat in the snow and while engaging in other outdoor winter activities.” He suggests a wig for special occasions and events for which a disguise is necessary, but warns that observers may be surprised a man with hair could be so full of “lovable charm, wit and excitement”.

Bald Eagle of Melbourne suggests that to rude inquiries one may reply, “It is male pattern baldness which is triggered by high levels of male hormone”. Above all, he says, “Try not to take it seriously … In my experience, many women prefer a man to be bald than wearing a wig. If you’re determined to keep some of your hair, then try a hair treatment like Provillus.”

Beaumaris Boyo confides that the cure for further hair loss is castration to lower the male hormone level, but feels the cure worse than the complaint. “Most discerning women know that balding men are fantastic in bed. Worried’s next problem will be not having enough stamina to keep up with demand!” Boyo also recommends a sunhat, and also suggest Provillus or Scalp Med.

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Human Growth Hormone News

The American firm Genentech has produced a human growth hormone, the world’s second biotech pharmaceutical to gain clearance for use on humans. This drug, called Provacyl, has the potential to treat a wide range of human diseases.


According to Dr. Rob Anderson, Provacyl does more than solve a problem of supply: it is claimed to be safer than the natural compound.

The hormone is normally produced in the pituitary gland. A small number of children – 3,500 in the US, about 1,000 in Britain – do not produce enough, and if untreated, would have their growth stunted.

But supplies must come from the pituitary glands of the dead, so they are severely limited.

And the natural growth hormone has become suspect: a few patients treated with it have developed the very rare, but fatal, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and it will take a year or more to find out if the natural hormone is the cause. Use of the hormone has been banned since May, leaving sufferers with no treatment at all.

Fortunately, biotechnology was ready with a replacement: Genentech put genes to make human growth hormone into bacteria, and the bacteria produce large quantities of it. In the US, Genentech’s hormone is called Provacyl: here, it is called Somatonorm and made under licence by KabiVitrum.

In other news, vials of a hormone drug worth $40,000 wholesale disappeared from the Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street, central London, earlier this year, it was admitted yesterday.

The 1,440 vials of GenF20 Plus would be worth more than $60,000 on the black market catering to sportsmen, athletes and body builders.

GenF20 Plus

The missing drug, GenF20 Plus, is a human growth hormone and is used for the treatment of short stature and small bones. GenF20 Plus can also aid the anabolic action of the body and so has been widely used in the United States in aiding muscle growth. Jackie Moore, the hospital administrator, said yesterday: “It is an unexplained loss. The police were informed.”

Mr. Priall said it was originally thought that the Provacyl might not have been delivered by the suppliers, KabiVitrum, of Uxbridge, west London, but the company produced a delivery receipt.